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17 verschiedene ROLLBORD Modelle von SAMARIT Medical.

Die sichere Methode zur Patientenumlagerung.

Verschiedene Modelle für jede medizinische Anwendung.

Inventor & World Leader
 300,000 sold

Priced well below
other technologies
1 Rank in US-Test
Anti-Microbial surface
Low friction = No static
Flame retardant surface
Beware of bad copies
Don’t be misled by Imitators
Rollbord = Quality = Long life
No lifting
No pump noise
Safe for Patient
Resistant coated-cloth
Skin-friendly (no latex)
Non-Toxic materials
Prevents back  injuries
to care workers
Easy to disinfect (wipes)
Hygiene approved (covers)
Havey duty use
Soft & comfortable
Bridges gaps
Special offer
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