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    SAMARIT has been developing innovative patient care products for clinics,
    medical practices, nursing homes and home cares.

    The products are alway developed with doctors, specialists, carers and engineers.

  • Lateral transfer Rollbord

    Patient lateral transfer

    Samarit ROLLBORD™ the leading patient lateral transfer system. 

    The products are designed to facilitate the transfer without using a lot of effort, thus making the work easier for the carers and kinder to their backs.

    The safe way to transfer patients.

    Lateral transfer models

  • Lateral transfer Transglide

    Patient lateral transfer

     – the inexpensive, convenient patient transfer device

    SAMARIT Transglide is the perfect addition to our extensive product range “Rollbord” and “Rollbody”.
    The Transglide has appreciation in Hospitals,
    Nursing & Care Homes.

    Lateral transfer TRANSGLIDE

  • Lateral transfer bariatric

    Bariatric patient transfer system

    Air Slide
     the ONLY dual-technology lateral transfer system on the market, combining the Comfort of an air mattress with the quiet, back-saving convenience of a slide sheet.

    For heavyweight patients, emergencies and bariatrics.

    Air Slide model

  • Seated transfer

    Seated patient transfer

    Greater mobility - with our full line of "

    This ingenious construction featuring a sliding and revolving seat minimizes the assistance required from nursing personnel: any strain on the back alleviated. 

    Transfer will also become free of stress for patients: less pushing, tugging and lifting. The seat transfer boards allow effortless usage.

    GLIDEBOARD - models

  • Nursing Aids

    Nursing Aids

    For Rehabilitation and Homecare

    Samarit Products ease the nursing of bedridden patients. They support health care professionals to provide patients with the skills needed to carry out daily activities as independently as possible. 


    Bed slide toppers  Mobicare

    Moving & Handlig slings / Turplates / Cushion

    Transfer Sheets CareGlide

  • Ambulance

    Products to be used in ambulances

    Samarit transfer rollbords and rescue slides
    : the prefect patient transfer aids for ambulances. These specially developed rescue products are most suitable to carefully transfer injured people in most situations.

    Ambulance products

  • OR-Products

    Beach-Chair device

    Patient positioned safely on the operating table.

    The BEACH-CHAIRdevice was designed to help anaesthetists to carry out intubation. The patient is positioned comfortably and safety - and the staff responsible for positioning the patient save time.  

    - Shoulder Surgery (Humerus, Clavikula) / 
    - Shoulder Arthroscopy / - Struma / 
    - Maxillofacial procedures / - Facial Surgery / 
    - Carotid Access / - Neurosurgery

    Beach-Chair - model

  • Light therapy SAD

    Light therapy for SAD

    For greater wellbeing, joie de vivre and vitality.

    The Chronolux® Light Therapy Professional Systems are specially designed for the application of SAD treatment in medical practices, clinics, specialized treatment centres, nursing homes / services but also for home use.
    No sale in USA / Canada til approved!

    Chronolux - models

  • Light therapy wound healing

    Light therapy wound healing

    Light therapy for general 
    wound care and treatment of difficult healing wounds
    The SAMALUX Q.Light Wound Healing System is specially designed for the application of wound care.

    Samalux - model


For operations in the neck area.

The «Patient-Face-Protector» was developed to protect the patient’s face during surgery on the neck (goitre, decompression of the cervical vertebrae, carotid arteries, etc.).

No sale in USA/Canada til approved!



A great help to healthcare professionals – worldwide!

Hightec / - Professional / - EcoLite /






1. Rank Samarit Rollbord (USA)

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  Independent Lateral transfer


Moving the patient securely and safely in the operating theatre – simply turn the patient from the supine position to the prone position.

Benefits of Patient Turning System “PTS”

  • Move the patient securely and safely in the operating theatre – from the
    supine position to the prone position and back (180° patient rotation)
  • Wrap, rotate, unwrap - right on the operating table
  • The greatest possible level of safety with minimal staffi ng expenditure
  • Handling without interruptions (respiration, control devices etc.)
  • New, adjustable head rest with mirror and light
  • Patented system with special positioning cushion

More information: Willi Allbrecht or Jürg Schuster, Samarit Medical AG

No sale in USA/Canada til approved!

Samarit BEACH-CHAIR device

Patient positioned safely on the operating table

- Shoulder arthroscopy /  - Maxillofacial - Procedures /
- Thyrod ectomy / - Carotid access / - Neurosurgery

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Beach Chair device




No sale in USA/Canada til approved!

BC - non-slip cushion



The BC - non-slip cushion prevents patients slipping out of the head rest.


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